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Risk Assessment & Due Diligence

At EiSqr, we conduct a thorough review of ESG practices and performance, as we believe this is essential for organisations committed to Sustainability and ESG. This allows us to help you navigate through potential hazards so that you reach the potential opportunities.

At EiSqr we follow a robust and comprehensive methodology for our Risk Assessment & Due Diligence process
Our methodology includes the following key steps:


Our Risk Assessment & Due Diligence service offers several benefits for the short and long term health of your organization.

Enhanced Risk Management

By utilising our services, you can uncover and address the potential risks that target your organisation’s reputation, financial performance and relationships with stakeholders. Our systematic approach also ensures that you adhere to the regulations your organisation falls under, and does this by establishing a robust framework for risk management and groundwork development for a strong foundation.

Informed Decision-Making

You will gain valuable insights into your organization’s ESG practices and performance. This will enable you to make informed and strategic decisions, aligned with your organisations sustainability goals. Our recommendations will also provide a basis for you to set priorities and allocate resources in a more effective manner.

Stakeholder Trust and Transparency

By proactively addressing ESG risks and demonstrating a commitment to Sustainability, you will build trust with your investors, customers, employees, and regulators. The enhanced transparency and accountability we can help you develop will then establish your presence in the market and open more opportunities for you to capitalise on.

Business Growth and Innovation

By embracing a sustainable approach, you will increase the opportunities you have to conduct business. Our approach will help you identify where operational optimization, cost reduction, investor attention and market differentiation can be achieved, which will increase your opportunities to be at the forefront of your industry.

Our Clients

Ready for sustainable success?

Do you want to be prepared to navigate potential risks and unlock opportunities for sustainable success? Contact us today to learn more about our Risk Assessment & Due Diligence services, and take the next step towards building a resilient and responsible business.