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ESG Transformation


Tailored strategic advisory to enhance your ESG initiatives with expert guidance, customizing solutions to drive sustainable outcomes.


dvanced digital solutions for seamless data collection, analysis, and progress management, harnessing technology to unlock insights and enhance sustainability efforts.


Bridging the gap between ESG strategy and tangible action, we provide practical support to translate plans into measurable results, driving positive change on-the-ground.


To advance ESG Integrity and Inclusiveness


At, we define integrity as the transparent, credible, and consistent sharing of insights with stakeholders. We view digitalization as a crucial enabler for businesses to make informed decisions on their ESG journey. Our focus extends beyond the “what” of ESG; we emphasize the intent and the “why,” aiming to minimize negative impacts and generate positive, long-term change.



Inclusiveness is paramount to us, ensuring that the intent and impact of ESG extend across the entire value chain. We believe in broadening participation beyond organizations at the forefront, encompassing individuals, small to medium-sized enterprises, and underrepresented segments. Our goal is to foster inclusivity, making ESG accessible to all and driving progress throughout organizations and society.


ESG Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services offer comprehensive support tailored to your specific context, providing end-to-end assistance.

Conduct a thorough review of ESG practices and performance and engaging with key stakeholders to identify potential risks and opportunities.


Assist in development of an ESG / Climate Change strategy that aligns with business goals and addresses key risks and opportunities

Assist in the disclosure of sustainability & ESG performance in the form of reports in accordance with the requirements of standards/regulations and to specific requirements of customers / rating agencies


Assist with the measurement and management of ESG performance including setting and tracking targets and goals

ESG Digital Solutions

ESG Deployment Support



Leveraging technology for net-zero, we integrate process improvement, resource efficiencies, IoT, and green energy solutions.
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Circular Economy & Resource Efficiency

We bridge the gap by connecting partners for waste resource management and sustainable material alternatives like utilizing used plastic and creating clothing from waste.
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We deploy technological alternatives to reduce vulnerability to climate variability and transitions, adapting to changing needs.
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What They Say

EiSqr has supported us well in our ESG journey. As an evolving space with updates every month, the team has been agile and quick to support the LatentView team by being our extended ESG team. The team worked efficiently in completing our carbon Footprinting as well CDP and EcoVadis disclosures. Owing to their support we were able to score a C in the CDP and achieve a Bronze in EcoVadis in our first-ever disclosures.

Raj Venkatesan

Raj Venkatesan

CFO-Latent View
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